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A man in Orlando, Florida, says he spent 10 hours in jail after police mistook doughnut glaze in his car for crystal methamphetamine.

Dating today kind of sucks. We can all admit it. For every second of joy you get from a new Tinder match, there are hours of bored swiping, terrible conversations that don't go anywhere, not to mention outright awful and forgettable dates, if you actually make it that far. Then, sometimes, you go on a date and things are seeming promising — but your match decides she's not into it anymore and won't explain.



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The best way to think of the black suit for guys is that it’s pretty much the equivalent of a woman’s little black dress. It’s extremely versatile suit that is a great starting point for any man who’s looking to get into the suit game. You simply can’t go wrong with a black suit as long as it’s fitted to you and is comfortable.

In the ever-growing field of autism research, a number of experts suggest the developmental disorder is set off by some sort of trauma at the earliest point in life—either in utero or at birth. It would then seem reasonable that researchers have spent time examining if certain labor and delivery methods are tied to autism risk.

Office workers must exercise for one hour a day to combat the deadly risk of modern working lifestyles, a major Lancet study has found. Research on more than one million adults found that sitting for at least eight hours a day could increase the risk of premature death by up to 60 percent.

People who watch television for five or more hours a day have more than twice the risk of those who watch half as much TV to die of a blood clot in the lung, a large Japanese study suggests.

Everyone has bad days. Everyone goes through rough patches. You’ve been there yourself. Someone you care about is overwhelmed or stressed to the point of snippiness and name-calling, or worse, a complete meltdown.

It’s pretty safe to assume that when something is a fruit, it has some kind of health benefit. But people seem to be super confused when it comes to watermelon. In July alone, there have been more than 12,000 searches for “is watermelon good for you?” according to Google data.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa-- Cancer's roots lie deep in prehistory. Swartkrans cave, a rich archaeological site, has yielded a 1.7 million-year-old foot bone with a malignant tumor -- the oldest evidence of cancer yet discovered by scientists.

We tend to think of humans as pretty special, superior in ability to all other animals. Take farming, for example. What other creature can do that?

GREENBELT, Md-- Astronomers have discovered that the Milky Way galaxy's halo -- an expansive super hot sphere of old stars and globular clusters surrounding the galactic disk -- is spinning.

Mexican archeologists have discovered a canal system under the pyramid containing the tomb of a Mayan ruler, suggesting the water tunnel could represent a symbolic path to the underworld.

With the Delta Aquarid meteor shower going on right now, and the crowd-favorite Perseid meteor shower hot on its heels, the next few weeks are going to be the prime time to watch some shooting stars light up the night sky.

Psychologists have found that the silencing of a specific gene may affect human social behavior, including a person's ability to form healthy relationships or to recognize the emotional states of others.

ATLANTA,  -- Keshia Knight Pulliam says husband Ed Hartwell was the one who cheated in their marriage

Songstress Mzbel has hit out at people who wrongly reported that she said she wouldn’t vote for the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party [NPP] because he ‘is not sexy at all.’

They had a public fall out last year and the reconciliation of actors and longtime BFFS (Best Friend Forever), John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson has become a trending topic on both traditional and social media for the past two weeks.

The maiden edition of the African Jewelry Fashion Week is scheduled to take off on August 6, 2016.The event is being organised with focus on raising people’s awareness on the amazing talent we have, and on promoting and celebrating African culture.

The nomination list for the third edition of the annual African Muzik Magazine Awards has been released and a number of Ghanaian artistes have received nominations.

Gospel singer and Made-in-Ghana Campaign Ambassador, Ms Emelia Arthur, and her management team have started work on a project to produce a 1,000-page directory of made-in-Ghana products and services.
The completion and outdooring of the directory by December, is how Ms Arthur intends to round off an eventful year of campaigning for better patronage of made-in-Ghana stuff.

 It feels good finally reaching your desired destination. However, if you’re a regular business traveler, you may have noticed the recent increase in travelers.

DALLAS -- An American Airlines flight on its way from DFW Airport to Seattle declared an in-flight emergency and returned to DFW Airport after fire was seen shooting from a wing, reports CBS Dallas.

August Festivals and Events in Africa include wine and fashion festivals in South Africa; a harvest festival in Ghana; a marriage festival in Morocco; and a Camel Derby in Kenya. Also of note for visitors to Africa in August: The cable car up Table Mountain closes for annual maintenance every year, usually around the first week of August.

It's high season and dry season for safari, and can be chilly! Find out more about each of these events below and click on the headings to get directly to the festival web sites.

1. Cape Town Fashion Week
Enjoy a week of fashion in Cape Town this August as South African designers unveil their summer lines. Models will be showing off the latest trends from around the world. This fashion event is open to the public and includes runway shows, seminars and more. It can get chilly in Cape Town during August so this might be a fun "indoor" activity to add to your itinerary!

2. Zambian Agricultural Show
Personally I love agricultural shows, but if admiring the perfect bovine isn't your cup of tea, this event is still worth visiting. The music and performing arts that accompany the poultry and tractors is first rate. A new theme is created each year to celebrate an aspect of the farming community.

Where: Lusaka, Zambia
When: August
3. Tunisia's Summer Festivals - Carthage Festival
Tunisia becomes a cornucopia of festivals during the summer months and August is simply buzzing with cultural events, music, dance and film often set romantically in Roman amphitheatres throughout the country. There's jazz, traditional music and much more on offer throughout the major towns.

The International Festival of Carthage: August in Carthage

4. Maralal Camel Derby, Kenya
The Maralal Camel Derby started as a fun event thrown by Yare Safaris to promote this little known gem of a place, Maralal, in Northern Kenya. The Camel Derby also sought to raise awareness of the camel, its habitat and the people who live there -- the Samburu. The derby is now an international event attracting contestants from all over the globe. Most people choose to camp, and bring the kids to enjoy cycling, horse riding and more. While you're in the area, don;t forget to enjoy a few nights on safari - Samburu Saruni is one of my favorite places in Kenya.

Where: Maralal, Kenya
5. Hermanus Food and Wine Fair
If combining great food, wine and a spot of whale-watching sounds as enticing to you as it does to me, then head to Hermanus this August. The event attracts South Africa's best wine producers as well as its best olive and cheese farmers.

Where: Hermanus, South Africa
When: August

6. Imilchil Marriage Feast, Morocco
The Imilchil Marriage Feast is a Berber marriage festival where up to forty couples tie the knot. It takes place in Imilchil in the Middle-High Atlas Mountains near Marrakech. The festival is a great way to experience Berber culture including music and dance.

Where: Imilchil (near Marrakech), Morocco
When: August/September
7. Homowo Festival, Ghana
The Homowo festival is a harvest festival celebrated by the Ga tribe in Ghana. The word "Homowo" actually means 'making fun of hunger.' Ga traditional oral history describes a time long ago when the rains stopped and the sea closed its gates. A deadly famine spread throughout the southern Accra Plains, the home of the Ga people. When the harvest finally arrived and food became plentiful, the people were so happy that they celebrated with a festival that ridiculed hunger." Ga people from all over the country return home for a week in August to celebrate the festival with their families.

Where: Southeast coast, Ghana
When: August

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A woman who wanted to stop her husband boarding a plane at Geneva has admitted making a false bomb threat, prosecutors said on Wednesday, after hours of tightened security that caused traffic chaos around the airport on the French-Swiss border.

Myths and misconceptions about Africa are commonplace in the West. On a recent episode of the American tv reality series, "Amazing Race", one of the contestants exclaims, "There's no snow in Africa!". Well, in fact there is. This is just one example of the kinds of things many people think they know about Africa, but in fact have quite wrong.

By knowing the subtle cultural differences, you will understand what not to do when visiting Norway, and why. Norwegians are known to appear aloof to strangers, and they have a reputation for being shy and reserved. However, it is only by appearance, and you will find Norwegians in a social setting approachable and chatty.